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The best hair transplant in Turkey 2019

Updated: May 24, 2019

The best hair transplant in Turkey 2019,


You decided to have hair transplantation in Turkey. And you wonder how much it costs to have hair transplantation at the best clinic . You have come to the right address to find the answer to this question. We are proud to present you the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul and we offer you the best way to stay in Turkey/Istanbul at 5 star Istanbul hotels. How much is the hair transplantation operation in Turkey in 2019? Which is the best hair transplantation clinic in Turkey/Istanbul 2019?

Istanbul Office: +905394865030, London Office: +442034773050

The best hair transplant in Turkey 2019
The best hair transplant in Turkey 2019

Why do people prefer Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation?

This is because the hair transplant specialists in Istanbul are the most talented doctors in the world. Every month thousands of hair transplantation operations are carried out in Turkey.

Turkey is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Because of the exchange rate difference in the country, The US dollar and Euro are very valuable currencies in Turkey/Istanbul.

Which hair transplantation technique do we use at our clinic?

We use only sapphire percutaneous technique in our hair transplantation operations. The Sapphire Percutaneous Technique is the newest and the best technique which is preferred at hair transplantation.

Why Sapphire Percutaneous Technique?

During the fue hair transplantation there are needles used to open holes. At the Sapphire Percutaneous Technique we use special sapphire needles with which we can create three dimentional hair greft sized channels. Our doctors will transplant your hair with correct and natural angles with real sapphire needles. So that you will have a guaranteed and natural thick hair. Because of the needles are micro sized, we can plant very dense hair in even small areas so that you will have a great volume in your hair.

Thanks to The Sapphire Percutaneous Technique that your recovery time will be double faster compared to the other methods. You may get back to work or your social life the next day of the operation.

Now, let's get back to our offer. For example;

You may need to pay 6-9 thousand euros for hair transplantation in London or Dublin or Paris. However, you can make the hair transplantation process by paying only 1699 Euros in Istanbul. In addition, VIP transportation service and 5-star hotels in Turkey/Istanbul are included in the price.

Yes, as Safe Hair Transplant Turkey company, we are proud to present these services since 2013 for only 1699 Euro.

If you prefer our company, which steps are waiting for you?

1. You should send us 3 different photos of your head taken from different angles.

2. If our transplantation expert team approves your eligibility , you may book your flight and determine your hair transplantation appointment.

3. When you arrive in Istanbul, our VIP reception team will pick you up from the airport. First, you will go to your 5-star hotel. In the next step, we will accompany you to our clinic.

You can use our extra packages if you want.

Now let's see the hair transplantation in Turkey 2019 process step by step;

Everything is so easy! You can see our before-After photo gallery and see our happy customers.

To contact us, you can use our contact form or you can contact us by phone number.

The best hair transplant in Turkey 2019
The best hair transplant in Turkey 2019

Hair Transplant Turkey Prices 2019

Hair Transplant Turkey Prices 2019
Hair Transplant Turkey Prices 2019

Istanbul Office: +905394865030, London Office: +442034773050

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