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Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Welcome Dear Visitors,

In the health sector, we continue serving in our 3 hospitals in Istanbul for more than 35 years. In medical aesthetics, we are among the leading hospitals of Istanbul. Nowadays, guests from England regularly come to our country to benefit from health services. We are here to serve you the best clinically. You may contact our consultants about any medical aesthetics such as: Rhinoplasty, holywood smile, bbl, mommymakeover, tummytuck, vaserliposuction, plasticsurgery... As the summer has come, we receive a lot of demand on Hair Transplant Treatment. We decided to prepare a two day Hair Transplant All included Package. Below you will find all details about it. Please contact our advisors and get a free quote / make an online consultation.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul
Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Hair Transplant in Istanbul All Included for EUR 1,500

Our package includes:

*Max grafts Hair Transplant (Up to 5.500 Grafts in one session)

*All private transfers in Istanbul

*2 nights Hotel Accommodation at a Hampton Istanbul

*All medication and aftercare

*Multivitamin and Laser Therapy

*Reservation is needed and offer is valid until 07/08/2023

All you will need to do is to buy your flight tickets, we will take care of the rest and send you back home with your hair back. Please let our experts to check the flight tickets before you purchase them.

The hair transplant is painless and is performed with local anesthesia. The healing period is about one week. So you may get back to your work easily after a few days. The operation takes about 6/7 hours and all our medical staff speak english. At the end you will get a certificate of hair transplant where it is written and wet signed how many grafts have been applied. We guarantee the transplanted hair won't fall out anymore. Our hair transplant is very natural. Finally you will have a natural look hair line.

So, if you have a hair loss, if you have a balding area, if you have enough donor hair for Hair Transplant and if you are thinking of getting a Hair Transplant, please contact us from the below written addresses.

Kind regards

Safe Hair Transplant Turkey

7/24 WhatsApp: +905394865030

Amsterdam: +31634101098

London: +44203477350

Istanbul: +905322700272


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