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Why do women prefer Istanbul Turkey for hair transplantation?

Why do women prefer Istanbul Turkey for hair transplantation?


Today we will explain to you why Istanbul is preferred by women for hair transplantation. Istanbul is one of the best tourism cities in the world. Women living in England, Spain, France, Italy and other European countries come to Istanbul for hair transplantation. We will explain the reasons for this with a few items. Some of the most curious questions; How much is the hair transplantation fee for women in Istanbul? Is Istanbul safe for hair transplantation? Why is hair transplantation cheap in Istanbul?

Why do women prefer Istanbul Turkey for hair transplantation
Why do women prefer Istanbul Turkey for hair transplantation

Firstly let's explain why the hair transplantation process in Istanbul is cheaper than the UK or European countries.

If you have already reviewed our articles, you already know that hair transplantation in Istanbul is done by the most talented experts in the world. Hair transplant specialists living in different countries are opening clinics in Istanbul. The reason for this is purely foreign currency fluctuation.

If we need to give an example;

1 USD = 5.80 Turkish Liras.

1 EURO = 6.79 Turkish lira

1600 graft hair transplantation fee in the UK = 4 or 6 thousand pounds.

But 5000 graft hair transplantation fee in Istanbul; Hotel accommodation + VIP transfer and hair transplantation is only 1699 EURO.

That is why Istanbul is preferred throughout the world for hair transplantation. In the country where you live, the same or even better quality of service is cheaper in Istanbul.

Another question is, is Istanbul safe for hair transplantation?

Istanbul is one of the safest cities in the world for women. Secular Republic of Turkey is governed by secular system. There is equality between men and women. Since we are contracted with the best quality clinics of Istanbul, we offer the best hair transplantation service to our esteemed female guests.

Now let's explain the hair transplantation fees in Istanbul.

If you prefer us;

Hair Transplant Turkey. 5,000 grafts hair transplant + 5-star hotel + VIP transfer for just 1,699 EUR. The Best Hair Transplant service in Turkey / Istanbul. FUE, DHI, Sapphire Hair Transplant Techniques.

This is exactly the wage schedule.

You can contact our professional team 24/7 by writing to WhatsApp support line, sending mail to contact@safehairtransplant.net or using the contact page on our website.

In addition, our Istanbul office phone: +905394865030

And our London office phone: +442034773050

You can call phone numbers.

You can find details about hair transplantation in Istanbul in these images and video.

Step by step Hair Transplantation in Istanbul/Turkey

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