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What is DHI Hair Transplant?


Today, we will share some information about the DHI technique for those who are considering to get a hair transplant. There are a lot of Hair Transplant techniques. The first one is FUT technique which is almost not used anymore in 2022. Second one is FUE. Fue is still held in a lot of countries. It is still very effectice. The third one is DHI. DHI is the name given to the most preferred hair transplant technique recently.

DHI= Direct Hair Transplant. The most distinctive feature of DHI is that two procedures are performed at once during hair transplantation. That is, instead of opening a channel for hair transplantation and then placing the graft here, these 2 operations are done at once.

What is DHI Hair Transplant?
What is DHI Hair Transplant?

Is DHI natural?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. Since the hair channels are smaller for hair transplantation in DHI compared to FUE, a natural appearance is obtained after transplantation. Someone who does not know that you have had a hair transplant cannot guess that your hair was transplanted later.

Is DHI expensive?

Yes, DHI is expensive compared to other techniques. The equipment in DHI is more detailed as others. In addition, DHI hair transplantation requires expertise.

Is the recovery process fast in DHI?

Yes. With DHI, the healing of the wounds on the skin surface will be much faster. 12 days after hair transplantation, there should be no scars left on your head under normal conditions.

Can more frequent transplanting be done with DHI?

Yes, imagine a small balding area. Since the channels opened here will be smaller, more hair transplantation can be done and more frequent hair appearance is obtained.

When does the hair grow after DHI?

After hair transplantation, the hair completes itself in stages. It increases from 25% to 30% in the first 3 months, and 55% to 60% in the 6th month. In the 1st year, the front line and midline are 100%, and the hair on the top part completes itself in 1.5 years.

In our institution, the hair transplant operation is performed in the operating room with local anesthesia. Average processing time is 5-6 hours. You will be discharged on the same day and return to daily life. We have absolute tests before the operation. As soon as the tests are negative, the operation process begins.

Do you give a guarantee for hair transplantation?

We issue certificates for all transplanting operations we have carried out. It writes your name and surname with the date of how many grafts were transplanted. The institution is stamped and wet signed.

Do you use Painless Anesthesia?

Yes. Painless anesthesia is a special anesthesia device without a needle. It serves to reach under the skin through the pores by spraying the anesthetic agents with pressure. It is a fast and effective method. It allows you to have a comfortable transplanting process by minimizing the pain and pain caused by local anesthesia.

How is the hair taken for hair transplantation preserved?

The grafts collected from the donor area are kept in special organ transplant solutions. The grafts waiting in the organ transplant solution continue to be fed as in normal life. It is ensured that the grafts taken remain healthy and live until they are transplanted.

What should I pay attention to before the hair transplant operation?

Hair transplant patients who decide on the operation, from a week before should keep away from using alcohol, cigarettes, hookahs, drugs, blood thinners, and should not drink coffee and energy drinks 3 days before the operation day. Breakfast must be done on the day of the operation. Preferably, an outfit with a front button or zipper should be worn. If there are drugs that are used regularly, the institution should be consulted beforehand.

Do I need to do a pre payment to make reservation?

No, we don't ask for downpayment. We accept your flight tickets as a reservation confirmation. Please make sure you share with us the screenshots of the flight tickets before you purchase them.

How is the 3 days program in Istanbul?

When you land at the airport in Istanbul, one of our transfer team will be waiting for you. He will meet you and take you to your hotel to rest. The next day, after having your breakfast, we will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our hospital, and after routine checks, we will perform the hair transplant. After the end of the hair transplant in the afternoon, we will take you to your hotel to rest. The next day, if you wish, you can visit beautiful Istanbul. On the last day, after breakfast, we will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our clinic for doctor control. After the doctor's checkup, we will wash your hair first and after we are done at the hospital, we will take you to the airport to catch your flight. You will be able to return home after just a few hours. With just one difference. You will then have your hair back.

Is there a doctor control at the end?

Yes. At the day of your return flight, you will be collected from the hotel after breakfast and will be taken to the clinic for doctor control and bandages removal.

What about the aftercare? Will I be given info about it?

Yes, at the last day our nurses will wash your hair for the first. And they will show you how to wash your hair for the following 10 days.

Will there be english speaking staff at the clinic?

Yes, our doctors, drivers and most of our staff speak english.

When will I do the payment?

You may do the payment at the clinic at the next day of arrival. This price is valid for cash payments. If you would like to pay by credit card, there comes 10% bank commission above the price.

Will there be a discount if I come with a friend?

Yes, you both get 5% discount if you travel together.

Are there google reviews from your patients?

Yes, you may reach them from our GoogleMaps site.

How much does a Hair Transplant Cost?

All you need to pay for this service is only GBP 1600.

So, if you have a hair loss, if you have a balding area, if you have enough donor hair for Hair Transplant and if you are thinking of getting a Hair Transplant, please contact us from the below written addresses.

Kind regards

Safe Hair Transplant Turkey

7/24 WhatsApp: +905394865030

Amsterdam: +31203695020

London: +44203477350

Istanbul: +905322700272


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