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Make Your Hair Transplant Plan from GBP 1.200

Are you tired of staring at your hair in front of the mirror? Are you tired of trying different hair products everytime? Maybe it's time for a Hair Transplant! If you have a hair loss and if you have enough donor hair, you are available for a Hair Transplant.

How to plan a Hair Transplant?

Take 3/4 days off from work. Contact us. Book your hair transplant at our clinic. Search flights. Reserve your accommodation. That's it!

Up to 4.000 grafts Hair Transplant Treatment costs GBP 1.200

Add GBP 60 for each night accommodation by a Hampton Hilton Hotel.

Arrange all your transfers from the airport to the clinic and to the hotel for just GBP 130.

Call us now!

Make Your Hair Transplant Plan
Make Your Hair Transplant Plan


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