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How to go to Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation?

Updated: May 24, 2019

How to go to Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation?


You have chosen to go to Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation. You have done all your research and you are wondering what is the best hair transplantation clinic in Istanbul. As the most experienced company offering accommodation and VIP transportation, we are ready to offer you the best hair transplantation service. Istanbul's most experienced hair transplant specialists and the most secure hair transplant clinic is waiting for our valued customers. What is the price of hair transplantation in Turkey/Istanbul? What is the process of hair transplant in Turkey/Istanbul step by step? You can find answers to all these questions in our article.

Istanbul Office: +905394865030, London Office: +442034773050

Some of the points you need to pay attention to inTurkey for hair transplantation are as follows;

How to go to Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation?
How to go to Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation?

1. Be sure to see the clinic where you will have hair transplantation as a visual or video. (You can watch our clinical videos as Safe hair transplant Turkey company)

2. See the reference images of the company you are going to have hair transplantation. (Hundreds of happy customers can be seen in our gallery before the photos taken after hair transplantation operation)

3. Be in touch with the clinic or company staff you have agreed to plant for hair transplantation in Turkey. (Our company is in communication with your valued customers in every process. So we offer the most secure hair transplantation service in Istanbul)

The steps you need to take care to make hair transplantation in Istanbul is this way.

Other important points in Istanbul for hair transplantation;

Euro, Pound and American dollars are very expensive in this country, as there is a fluctuation in Turkey. Therefore, many people act as intermediaries for hair transplantation and other aesthetic services. As a safe hair transplant Turkey company, we recommend you to work with professionals.

For hair transplantation, Ireland, USA, UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain and many other countries prefer our company.

Why is being preferred?

FUE hair transplantation service in Istanbul is both guaranteed and requires a cheaper cost. Hair transplantation in the UK to make a price of 6 to 12 thousand pounds. But if you want to do the same in a better way in Istanbul, you pay only 1699 euros for accommodation + VIP transfer + hair transplantation fee in 5 star hotel.

Why is hair transplantation cheap in Turkey/Istanbul?

The reason for this situation is the exchange rate fluctuation in Istanbul. We can explain this situation with an example.

1 USD Dollar Price: 5.30 Turkish Liras.

1 Euro: 6.20 Turkish Liras

1 Paund: 7.10 Turkish Liras.

Because of this table in Istanbul hair transplantation is cheaper than in Europe and Asia.

What does Safe hair transplant Turkey offer you? Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Contact our professional team through our contact form or using our WhatsApp number.

2. Send us your pictures taken at 3 different angles for hair transplantation.

3. Set an appointment date.

4. Send your flight ticket image to our team when you buy your airline ticket.

5. When you come to Istanbul, our VIP transfer team will take you to your 5 star hotel. In the next step, you are born to the clinic. You can find the details of your transaction in the photos below.

How to go to Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation?
How to go to Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation?

Hair transplant Turkey Cost

Hair transplant turkey cost 2019
How to go to Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation?

Here are all the steps so simple and easy. You can contact us by filling out this contact form and ask questions.

You can watch our video to see our hotel and clinic;

Istanbul Office: +905394865030, London Office: +442034773050

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