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Hair transplant Turkey recommendations

Updated: May 24, 2019

Hair transplant Turkey recommendations 2019,


You want to prefer Turkey/Istanbul for hair transplantation and you need advice. In fact, you have come to the right address to examine the photos of people who had hair transplantation in Turkey before and after. Working together with the best hair transplantation clinic in Turkey/Istanbul, our company offers VIP transportation and accommodation in 5 star hotels. How much does hair transplantation in Turkey/Istanbul? Hair transplantation process in Turkey/Istanbul step by step 2019.

Istanbul Office: +905394865030, London Office: +442034773050

Hair transplant Turkey recommendations
Hair transplant Turkey recommendations

Why do people prefer Istanbul for hair transplantation?

People prefer Istanbul for hair transplantation. Because there is a currency fluctuation in Turkey. Pound, Euro and US dollar are more expensive than Turkish lira.

We can explain this with an example;

1 Euro = 6 Turkish lira

1 US Dollar = 5.30 Turkish lira

1 Paund = 8 Turkish lira

Due to this currency fluctuation, many countries people around the world prefer to come to Turkey/Istanbul for their aesthetic needs and hair transplantation operations.

Hair transplant specialists in Turkey/Istanbul are among the most talented experts in the world. In England, USA, Europe and other countries you will buy hair transplant service paying thousands of euros. You can buy the same hair transplantation service in Istanbul for cheaper and quality.

What does our company offer you?

1. VIP transport

2. Accommodation at 5-star hotels.

3. Guaranteed hair transplantation service in Istanbul's best and most prestigious hair transplantation clinic.

You can have all these services with a single price. You can complete your hair transplantation within a few days by paying 1699 Euros. If you want our company, we offer you additional options. Istanbul city tour, Bosphorus trip and similar services.

Now let's examine the photos before and after the happy customers who recommend hair transplantation in Istanbul.

You can learn all hair transplant processes step by step through our video.

You can reach our expert team via message 24/7. You can fill in this contact form or contact us on our WhatsApp number.

Istanbul Office: +905394865030, London Office: +442034773050

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