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Hair Transplant Review 2022 - 2023

Hair Transplant Review 2022 - 2023

Hair loss is a nightmare for most of us. It is in most cases unavoidable. It is not possible to grow new hair but it may be possible to get your hair back by Hair Transplant. What is Hair Transplant? How can I get a Hair Transplant done? How much does a Hair Transplant cost? How long does the operation take? Will the hair transplant be painful? When will new hair start growing? How should the aftercare be after Hair Transplant? What methods are used mostly at Hair Transplant, FUE or DHI? We will find answers to all these questions and many others. Today we are going to share a conversation with a Hair Transplant patient of ours. It will be in the form of an interwiev. Mr. Adam is 47 years old, married with 3 children. He has been working as a manager on his own textile company for about 20 years. Let's start:

Hair Transplant Review 2022 - 2023
Hair Transplant Review 2022 - 2023

Q) Mr. Adam, It is obvious from your form that you care about your health. When did your hair start falling out?

A) I can say that, after the age of 25, the corners of the front part of my hair started to decrease slightly. But it didn't bother me at all. This process continued nonstop and over the years my hair got thinner and by the time I reached my 40s, my front hairline got worse.

Q) What kind of methods have you tried to strengthen your hair?

A) I have tried a lot of things. I kept my hair short I even shaved my hair couple of times in a row. I used to visit the hairdresser's every 15 days even. Didn't help. As a lot of people do, I googled and tried different hair products, vitamins and oils. This continued for a very long time. I was spending a lot of time on searching hair products on the internet. None of them helped. I can say it got even worse.

Q) When and how did you hear about Hair Transplant?

A) After a point, I admitted my situation and I gave up using different products. There were a lot of people around me who had a hair transplant. I started chatting with them and I learned a lot of things of which I was scared of. For example, I have always been afraid of injections. I couldn't imagine myself under that pain for hours. But I found out that the operation is done by painless anesthesia. By painless anesthesia, they spray on a medicine to your head (just like they do to the players in football matches when they get hurt). Afterwards, they do some injections but you don't feel any pain.

Q) Why did you prefer Safe Hair Transplant?

A) Friend recommendation. One of my friend has had a hair transplant done by Safe Hair. Actually I found out later that he had a transplant done before I knew him. His hair looked very real and natural. I couldn't recognise that he had a transplant done. You wouldn't tell the difference. There was a succesfull result in front of my eyes. I wanted to use my shot carefully, so I prefered Safe Hair.

Q) How did you contact Safe Hair?

A) At the beginning I got some information from them on WhatsApp. But later on we had also phone conversations. At first when I sent my photos I was told that around 4.000 grafts would be needed for my operation. But at the day of Transplant, they did 5.000 grafts. And they didn't ask any extra money for that.

Q) What about the payment? How did you pay?

A) Well they didn't ask for deposit. I was informed that there would be a bank comission if I prefer to pay with credit card. So I paid all in cash at the day of operation. At the end of the process they gave me a certificate of guarantee where there is written how many grafts were applied and it was wet signed with the stamp of the clinic.

Q) Can you tell about the operation day? How did it go?

A) Firstly I would like to thank to everyone who is in the system. From a week before I was told to keep away from alcohol, coffee, hookah and staff like that. They also asked from me to bring with me a front buttoned/zipped shirt for the day of process. You need to have a full stomach before operation. So make sure you have a breakfast before which is served hot and open buffet at the hotel. The doctor drew the new hair line to my forehead and spotted the area where to be implanted. Of course after my approval of the new line. I was applied regular blood tests and after they came out positive, I was given low sedimentation and they took me to the operation room. I was conscious. We were chatting with the nurses and I could even use my phone during the process. They were all very kind and careful for the all time. At the first half they collected hair grafts from my donor area. Then we had a lunch break. At the second half of the process, they implanted the grafts to my forehead. It was around 4 pm when it was over. They put bandages to my donor area. They gave me medication to use for 3 days. I was told of which food I should eat and which I should keep away from. I was told to drink a lot of water to get rid of the oedema. For example, we should avoid eating spicy/salty food. And we made an appointment for two days later for doctor controle and removing the bandages. I was brought to my hotel and that night I rested. I thought that I would not be able to sleep because of pain, but I didn't have any pain at all. I was very tired so I slept early. You need to make sure you don't touch your new hair, you should be very careful not to crash/smash your head to somewhere. They gave me a pillow just like the ones you use while long flights. I used it every night and by this way I avoided my grafts from touching around.

The next day I woke up early. I had some pain so after breakfast I took from the painkillers they gave me. I looked after very carefully to me and to my hair, I acted as if I was treating a baby. I was free all day. You need to lean back while sitting or standing. So you should keep head straight up while using mobile phone or while eating food. And of course pay attention to not touching the grafts. Actually it's so simple: mind your grafts, keep head straight up and drink water as much as you can.

Q) How was the communication of the staff at Safe Hair?

A) They are all well experienced and confident. You get the feeling that you are at safe hands. Everyone knows his duty and does it confidently. Almost everybody speak english at the clinic. Besides, you may type them from WhatsApp if you have any questions. They just reply you within minutes any time of the day. The reservations went just on time. At the clinic, at the transfers everybody does good job and everything goes step by step.

Q) How was the hair washing and the doctor control?

A) On the last day, I was picked up on appointment from my hotel. I checked out from the hotel and took my luggage so that I didn't have to return to the hotel. We went to the clinic. I need to mention about the driver. He was always so kind. He opened the doors to me and made sure I don't smash my head to the doors of the car. The nurses put some foam on overall my head and I had to wait for about 30 minutes before the washing. Afterwards I was seated in the washing room, I leaned back and they gently removed the bandages. They washed my hair gently without touching the grafts. The water was mid warm. At the end they didn't use hair dryer to dry my hair. They left it to dry itself. This is how it's supposed to be. I was also shown how to do the daily hair wash for the following 10 days. At the end of the 10th day there should have been no scars left on the new grafts area.

Q) How did you do your daily hair wash?

A) As I have been informed, I preferred mornings for the hair wash. I put the foam overall on my head and waited about 30 minutes. I have prepared a bucket of mid warm water. With the help of a pot, my wife poured the water to my head. At the last day I have bought some aftercare products from the clinic. I have bought a shampoo as well. We poured some shampoo onto a sponge, we made it foamy and let the foams move on my grafts. Later on poured from the mid warm water. And that was it. I didn't use a towel to dry my hair or I didn't use a hair dryer. I let it to dry itself. Everything went good and at the end of the 9th day I had no scars left on my head. With the shampoo I bought a spray for my donor area as well. I puffed it daily to my donor area after the hair washing and I gave a massage to my donor every day. This spray helps the donor to heal faster.

After the end of the first month of hair transplant I started puffing the spray to the new grafts as well. By this way you feed the grafts from outside. I also bought from the vitamins they supply at the clinic. I started using them after the 12th day. The vitamins feed the grafts from inside. So when you use all of the products together, by this way I believe you get better result. I also advice that someone to company you to wash your hair. It was very easy for me.

Q) When did you start working after transplant?

A) Well I have my own job so my working hours are flexible. Plus I don't have to do physical hard work. I remember on the 4th day after hair transplant, I went working. But I would like to remind they warned me at the clinic to be aware of hard working until the 12th day of HT. Basicly you need to make sure that you don't work hard. You need to keep away from direct sunsine and rain. If necessary it would be wise to wear the cap they supply from the clinic or to use an umbrella.

Q) When did your hair start growing?

A) The first month I had a cool look on my hair. Because it was all short and I had a lot of hair. By the end of the first month every time I took a shower I observed my hair was falling out. I was losing hair! I was afraid. Immediately I called the clinic and told about my situation. They told me that there is nothing to be scared of. This is the normal process. The transplanted hair falls out at the beginning. But the hair roots are safe I was told. I can tell that one by one all the new grafts fell out. You need to be patient. Because they started growing after a while. I kept doing massage everyday and used the aftercare products as I was told. I also had two PRP sessions which I believe that was also very helpfull for the hair. At the end of the 3rd month I observed the hair is growing as I was told. Now it has been 9 months and so far I am very happy with my hair.

Q) What are your last comments please and do you recommend Safe Hair to those who are willing to have a Hair Transplant done?

A) First of all nobody wants to admit the hair loss. We think that we don't need more hair, we are still cool. Sometimes we say to ourselves what am I going to do with new hair? When we look at the mirror who doesn't want to like his look? I think for all men the first look from the sight, first appearance is very important. By the help of hair transplant I guess now I look at least 5/6 years younger. If you ask the question of hair transplant to yourself then I think it's the time to make a start. Don't postpone it to another uncertain time. First make your decision and the rest will come easily.

About your last question, yes, I definitely recommend Safe Hair Transplant. You don't every month do a hair transplant. It's not something like going to a hair dresser. You do it once or twice in a life time. So you need to use your shot good. Sometimes I see bad results of hair transplant. When you look carefully it's obvious that there is something wrong with his hair. And if something happens like that you cannot take it back. After my hair transplant I have sent a lot of my friends to Safe Hair. And we are all satisfied with our hair. I would like to thank to everybody at Safe Hair Transplant who helped me to get my hair back.

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