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Hair Transplant Prices 2023

Hair Transplant Prices 2023

How much does a Hair Transplant cost? What are the Hair Transplant prices? Hair Transplant prices in UK. Hair Transplant prices in Turkey. Hair Transplant prices in Istanbul. How to plan a Hair Transplant? At this article you will find answers to all these questions. Hair Transplant is getting more common every day. Aesthetic beauty is being more considered by men and hair is the most effective part of it. If you have a hair loss and if it bothers you and if you have enough donor hair at your neck, this makes you a candidate for a hair transplant. Safe Hair Transplant is ready to help you to make your dreams come true. We offer you top quality hair transplant at our exclusive clinic, accommodation at a Hampton Hilton Istanbul Hotel and we will do all your transfers in Istanbul as soon as you arrive at Istanbul airport. Our most prefferred package includes: The whole Hair Transplant process (maximum grafts) + three nights accommodation + all private transfers. You will only need to make a holiday plan for 3 nights. Please don't forget to share with us the flight details before you purchase the tickets and let us double check if all is ok.

You may visit our website for our other packages.

Hair Transplant Prices 2023
Hair Transplant Prices 2023

Getting a Hair Transplant done at the United Kingdom would cost approximately GBP 7,000 / GBP 8,000. This price includes around 2,000/2,500 grafts. If you need around 4,000 grafts then you would need to pay twice. It would cost you around GBP 14,000. We offer you the best hair transplant option including accommodation and all your private transfers as soon as you arrive at Istanbul for the price of GBP 1,500. Everyday there are hundreds of patients from all over the Europe checking in Istanbul for their hair transplant service, because of the very reasonable prices and first class treatment.

We offer a natural Hair Transplant. Someone who does not know that you have had a hair transplant cannot guess that your hair was transplanted later.

Our treatment is painless. Painless anesthesia is a special anesthesia device without a needle. It serves to reach under the skin through the pores by spraying the anesthetic agents with pressure. It is a fast and effective method. It allows you to have a comfortable transplanting process by minimizing the pain and pain caused by local anesthesia.

The hair we will transplant will not fall out anymore. We issue certificates for all transplanting operations we have carried out. It writes your name and surname with the date of how many grafts were transplanted. The institution is stamped and wet signed.

How much is the complete service?

We have a deal at the moment for those who want to get their hair back.

The package includes:

*4.000 Grafts Hair Transplant Treatment,

*All private transfers from the airport to the hotel and to the clinic

*3 nights B/B accommodation at a Hilton Istanbul Hotel

The deal price is GBP 1400. All you need to do is book your flight to Istanbul, we will handle the rest and send you back home with your hair back.

So, if you have a hair loss, if you have a balding area, if you have enough donor hair for Hair Transplant and if you are thinking of getting a Hair Transplant, please contact us from the below written addresses.

Kind regards

Safe Hair Transplant Turkey


7/24WhatsApp: +90 539 486 50 30

London Office: 020 347 73050

Amsterdam Office: +31 6 341101098

Istanbul: +90 532 270 02 72

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