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Hair transplant price in Turkey/Istanbul July 2019

Hair transplant price in Turkey/Istanbul July 2019,


We are here with an important information article for people who will prefer Turkey for hair transplantation process. As you know, people living in countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Saudi Arabia, Qatar are coming to Istanbul for hair transplantation. Istanbul is a very popular city for hair transplantation. Europe's most talented hair transplant specialists have clinics in Istanbul. Hair transplantation prices and hair transplant prices in Turkey how much? In this article, we present current price of hair transplantation process in Turkey to you.

Hair transplant price in Turkey/Istanbul July 2019
Hair transplant price in Turkey/Istanbul July 2019

First of all, let's answer the questions.

1. Is it safe hair transplantation in Turkey?

Yes, Istanbul is a big historical city with a population of 17 million. Every year millions of tourists travel to Istanbul. There are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey, the shining star of this magnificent country which serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia continents geographically. That's why every month hundreds of people come to Istanbul for hair transplantation.

2. What are the hair transplantation fees in Istanbul?

Hair transplantation fee in Istanbul is 1699 Euro including hotel + VIP transfer and 5000 graft hair transplantation. Safe Hair Transplant Turkey has been offering the best service to our esteemed guests since 2013.

3. Hair transplantation suitability and process analysis

If you want to do hair transplantation in Turkey is very simple to do.

first steps;

* You can send an e-mail to

* You can call our London office phone

* You can call our Istanbul office number.

* You can get information from us through our WhatsApp hotline which is open 24/7.

Other operations;

Step 1

Contact our experts, our specialist doctor will ask you for a few photos. Send us these photos.

Step 2 If our doctors confirm that you are eligible for hair transplantation, set a flight ticket date. Get your flight ticket 1 day before the date of hair transplantation and send it to our team.

Step 3

When you come to Istanbul for hair transplantation, our professional team will meet you at the airport. First you will settle in your hotel. In the next step, the next day hair transplantation will be performed in our clinic.

That's all the steps.

Hair transplantation prices in Turkey in July 2019 is exactly 1699 euros.

Now you can browse our video if you want. Our hotel and clinic details are included in the video.

You can see the details about hair transplantation process from the images below.

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