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Hair Transplant on Scar

Hair Transplant on Scar


It is now accepted by everyone that aesthetics is indispensable for men as well as women. That's why hair transplantation is very common nowadays. Typical hair loss in men is the most common. Generally, hair loss stops when they reach the age of 35/40. In some special cases, congenital or later regional baldness can be seen. Ringworm can be given as an example. In the photos below, you can see the pictures of a patient with a congenital balding area. Approximately 3,500 grafts of hair were transplanted to both the front line and balding area of our patient. You can see the results in the photos below.

Hair Transplant on Scar
Hair Transplant on Scar

If you have hair loss, you can also consider having a hair transplant. After an operation that takes approximately 6/7 hours, you can regain your hair. This is the process of taking the excess hair on your neck and placing them on your front hairline and sparse areas. The result is a very natural look. After hair transplantation, the transplanted hair is shed first. But the roots of the transplanted hair are safe under your skin. And these start to come out from the 2nd month. Usually by the 9th month, 60% of the hair will have grown. One year after hair transplantation, the growth will be almost complete.

Hair Transplant on Scar Before
Hair Transplant on Scar Before

How to make a program for hair transplantation? I decided to have a hair transplant, what should I do now? How much does hair transplantation cost? How can I get a free quote? Answering these questions is very simple. First of all, send us photos of your hair taken from different angles at the numbers below. Let's see if your hair is suitable for hair transplantation and we will give you a price offer for the treatment we will apply.

Hair Transplant on Scar After
Hair Transplant on Scar After

If you choose one of our all-inclusive packages, all you have to do is buy your flight ticket. Please share your flight details with our advisors before purchasing a flight ticket. If the hours and days are suitable, we recommend you to buy your flight ticket.

All Inclusive Package £ 1700

*Maximum Grafts Hair Transplantation

*All private transfers from the airport to the clinic and to the hotel

*3 nights accommodation at a Hampton Hilton Hotel

7/24 WhatsApp: +905394865030

London: +44203477350

Istanbul: +905322700272

Amsterdam: +31634101098

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