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Hair Transplant at 39

Hair Transplant at 39

Greetings SafeHairTransplantTurkey visitors,

Every day, many innovations in surgical and medical medicine come into our lives. About 20 years ago, hair transplantation entered our lives with FUT technology. It was a very painful method with a long recovery period and it was uncomfortable for the patient. Although the FUT technique has been an important start for the point we have reached in hair transplantation today. In the FUT method, the scalp was taken from the back of your head with the cutting method, and the hair was transferred to the desired places. It was a system with a lot of side effects. The most obvious side effect was a complete swelling of the head around 30% for about 1 week. Later, the FUE method was developed. So what was FUE? FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. Today, the FUE technique also forms the basis of all techniques used in hair transplant operations. When we say hair transplantation, we technically talk about FUE hair transplantation. This operation is performed in hospital operating rooms, under sterile conditions, under local anesthesia. Depending on the preference of the doctor and the patient, a light sedation can also be performed by the anesthesiologist. Fut technique is no longer preferred due to its disadvantages.

Today, having a hair transplant is no longer a nightmare. Well, you're 39 years old and you don't feel happy when you look in the mirror because your hair isn't what it used to be. Can hair be transplanted at the age of 39? Yes, the age of 39 is a suitable age for hair transplantation. A typical hair loss ends at this age. There is no longer any need to wait for a hair transplant.

Is Hair Transplant natural?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. Since the hair channels are smaller for hair transplantation in DHI compared to FUE, a natural appearance is obtained after transplantation. Someone who does not know that you have had a hair transplant cannot guess that your hair was transplanted later.

Do you use Painless Anesthesia?

Yes. Painless anesthesia is a special anesthesia device without a needle. It serves to reach under the skin through the pores by spraying the anesthetic agents with pressure. It is a fast and effective method. It allows you to have a comfortable transplanting process by minimizing the pain and pain caused by local anesthesia.

How is the hair taken for hair transplantation preserved?

The grafts collected from the donor area are kept in special organ transplant solutions. The grafts waiting in the organ transplant solution continue to be fed as in normal life. It is ensured that the grafts taken remain healthy and live until they are transplanted.

Do you give a guarantee for hair transplantation?

We issue certificates for all transplanting operations we have carried out. It writes your name and surname with the date of how many grafts were transplanted. The institution is stamped and wet signed.

How much does a Hair Transplant Cost?

We have a deal at the moment for those who want to get their hair back.

The package includes:

*Whole DHI hair Transplant Treatment,

*All private transfers from the airport to the hotel and to the clinic

*3 nights B/B accommodation at a Hilton Istanbul Hotel

The deal price is GBP 1500. All you need to do is book your flight to Istanbul, we will handle the rest and send you back home with your hair back.


First of all we need to see if your hair is available for hair transplant. It takes a few minutes to find it out. Please send us photos of your hair taken from different sides from WhatsApp or Email. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We don't ask for downpayment. We accept your flight tickets as a reservation confirmation to book your hair transplant. Please also send us screenshots of the flight tickets before you purchase them and let us double check if they are ok.

So, if you have a hair loss, if you have a balding area, if you have enough donor hair for Hair Transplant and if you are thinking of getting a Hair Transplant, please contact us from the below written addresses.

Kind regards

Safe Hair Transplant Turkey


7/24 WhatsApp: +90 539 486 50 30

London Office: 020 347 73050

Amsterdam Office: +31 6 341101098

Istanbul: +90 532 270 02 72

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