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Can I Have a HAIR TRANSPLANT for 1000 Pounds?

Can I Have a HAIR TRANSPLANT for 1000 Pounds?

Almost one out of every two men experiences hair loss. Although this visual change does not look aesthetically pleasing, it is a very normal situation. In some cases, hair loss can be prevented. We experience hair loss due to a trauma, a drug you use, or sometimes stress. But in some cases, hair loss is inevitable. You can change the shampoo, use different conditioners, try different recipes, but you cannot change the result. Now you come to such a point that all the applications you will do will not work. You will only drive yourself into pessimism by wasting your money and time. In this case, there may be a way out. If you are experiencing regional hair loss and if you have enough donor hair, you can completely get rid of this problem by having hair transplantation. It is very simple to understand whether you have enough donor hair. The area on the back of the neck between your two ears is your donor area. If you have enough hair here and do not have any other health problems, you are a candidate for hair transplant. You will find detailed information about hair transplantation in the continuation of the article. If you can reach us at the contact numbers at the end of the article and send us pictures of your hair taken from different angles, our expert team will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Can I Have a HAIR TRANSPLANT for 1000 Pounds?
Can I Have a HAIR TRANSPLANT for 1000 Pounds?

How much does a Hair Transplant cost in UK?

It costs around GBP 6000 / 7000 to have a hair transplant done in UK. At the UK clinics around 2.000 grafts would be transplanted for this price.

How much does a Hair Transplant cost by Safe Hair Transplant and how many grafts will I get?

We have a deal at the moment and the whole Hair Transplant Treatment would cost you only GBP 1000. This price includes only up to 2.000 Grafts DHI Hair Transplant. We have got also deals with accommodation and transfers. Please visit our website for other packages.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, it would be the best to book it all at least a week before.

Do I need to pay deposit?

No. We don't ask for downpayment. We accept your flight tickets as a confirmation for reservation.

How long does the operation take?

It takes around 6 to 8 hours depending on the number of the grafts. We have a complimentary lunch for you to enjoy.

Can I go out on the day after the operation?

Yes. As long as you don't tire yourself too much, there is no obstacle for you to go out. You may discover the beautiful istanbul if you like.

Is there a doctor control at the end?

Yes. At the day of your return flight please visit our clinic for doctor control and bandages removal.

What about the aftercare? Will I be given info about it?

Yes, at the last day our nurses will wash your hair for the first. And they will show you how to wash your hair for the following 10 days.

Will there be english speaking staff at the clinic?

Yes, our doctors, drivers and most of our staff speak english.

When will I do the payment?

You may do the payment at the clinic at the next day of arrival. This price is valid for cash payments. If you would like to pay by credit card, there comes 10% bank commission above the price.

Will there be a discount if I come with a friend?

Yes, you both get 5% discount if you travel together.

Are there google reviews from your patients?

Yes, you may reach them from our GoogleMaps site.

Are there before and after photos of your patients?

Yes, please visit our before and after page on our website.

Do you have social media accounts?

Yes, you may click on their icons(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest) on our website.

How can I contact you?

7/24 WhatsApp: +905394865030

London: +44203477350

Istanbul: +905322700272

Amsterdam: +31634101098


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